Privacy & Confidentiality Policy


 To protect your privacy and personal information, Hassler Roma S.p.A., in conformity with art. 13 D. Lgs. n.196/03, confirms that:

• Hassler Roma will not loan, rent or sell to any third parties any personal data that has been communicated to us without explicit prior permission from the owner of such data.

 • Hassler Roma clarifies that you are free to provide your personal data and therefore their providing in the appropriate registration forms, that you will find in our website, is optional. We remind you that if you don’t provide your permission for your personal data handling, Hassler Roma cannot fulfill to your specific requests.

• Users of the website who have not signed up to receive information, will not receive any unsolicited e-mail communication from the Hassler Roma.

• If you have received our newsletter or promotional information, your e-mail address is only available to our website hosting provider only for the distribution of the newsletter or promotional information, and will not be forwarded to any other third parties.

• Personal information you provide us with when making a reservation on our website or for purchasing Hassler Roma brand products, are used solely to perform our contractual obligations to you and for purposes strictly pertinent to each service requested and used.

• Personal information you provide us with when making a reservation on our website or for purchasing Hassler Roma brand products, is shared, and treated under the Italian Privacy Law and the present Privacy Policy, only with our reservations department or our Gift Boutique to facilitate the process of reservation or purchasing Hassler Roma brand products.

 • Therefore, to allow Hassler Roma to perform our contractual obligations to you specifically for the related activities, which may be by way of example: invoicing, delivery of the goods, processing payments, your personal data will be handle even from third-party without your new explicit consent as per art. 24, D. Lgs. n. 196/2003.

• The personal information you provide in sending your resume, voluntarily, and in response to our specific announcements, will be treated, for the time strictly necessary, with the same modalities and cautions as detailed in the present privacy policy, and only in the case you have attached your permission for the handling of your personal data. Such information will be shared with our Human Resources office and with third parties that collaborate with us for personnel hiring and positioning and for the management of work relationships and fulfillment of connected obligations.

• The handling of your personal data will be carried out to ensuring that your information is secure and private, and may be carried out with manual and electronic means. Your personal data will be handled following proper standards, and will be stored in a way that will allow to recognize the individual only for a period of time strictly necessary to fulfill the obligation for which they have originally been collected and subsequently handled.

 • We inform you that Hassler Roma only makes use of temporary cookies which are used to ensure safe and efficient exploration of the site and disappear when you close your browser. Temporary or session cookies are only stored for the duration of your navigation session. • Hassler Roma doesn’t use, therefore, permanent cookies or systems for tracking users.

• The owner of the processing of personal data is Hassler Roma S.p.A. Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6 00187 - Roma, which avails itself of the work of its dependents and collaborators assigned to this purpose.

• In conformity with art. 29 D. Lgs. n.196/2003, the HR Manager is Responsible for the Treatment of data handling for the Hassler Roma S.p.a.- located in Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6 – 00187, Rome; fax. +39 06 6797645, email: In conformity with art. 29 D. Lgs. n.196/2003, the company Aro Cumarsaid Teoranta – – is reponsabile for the treatment and system administrator for the management of the website, and who also hosts the website. In conformity with art. 29 D. Lgs. n.196/2003, TravelCLICK – – is the company responsible for reservation activities, and owner of the booking platform Contacting the company it will be possible to obtain the updated list of the internal and external persons responsible for data handling. • With reference to the personal information provided by the user – the user is guaranteed, by the norm in art. 7 D. Lgs. N. 196/03, to have free access to consult, integrate, modify or cancel his/her data, as well as to oppose in whole or part to the use of such data for the expected end, by giving written communication of this intention to Hassler Roma S.p.A. Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6 00187 – Roma, or e-mail:

• This website may disclose Personal Information if required to do so in conformity with the law: (a) for the purpose of the defense of the State or in prevention, verification or repression of criminal offense; (b) protect and defend the rights or property of the Hassler Roma or this site, and (c) act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Hassler Roma, the site, or the public. Furthermore, all photographs present on this website are covered by copyright, thereby exclusive property of the Hassler Roma, and may therefore not be used or copied in any way.